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This may seem like a step you can come back to later or skip entirely but we promise you don't want to do that. Would you head out on a 10 hour road trip to a place you've never been by saying "I know its northwest"? No! You would put the location in your GPS or at the very least, ask someone who has been there before. The same concept goes for starting a business. The journey to success is too far and too labor intensive to not have guidance.


Yes, I said labor intensive, owning your own business is not going to be easy, and if you think so, we should stop here.


" No one ever got rich working for someone else". That's not wrong! Whatever your "Rich" is, if you are ready to put in the time and effort to have your own successful business, then LETS GET TO IT!


Think of The Plan as an evolving guide. What you write in The Plan today WILL change... It should change! As you start to bring The Plan to life and implement it, you will need to make adjustments for one reason or another. This is a good thing!


The Plan, in the early stages should be updated frequently until you have reached a plateau where your business operates as you desire. In other words, its going to be updated a lot in the first 2 years, occasionally in year 3-5, and not so often thereafter.


You will quickly be able to tell within the first year if you are on the right track, but you want to make sure to give The Plan and your business a fair chance and enough time to get going. You may not take off right away, and that's ok, heading in the right direction is most important.


As you move through each phase of the Plan, you will notice some areas overlap, some have direct cause and effect, and some are completely independent, its important to note these as you go and to do that you will want to hang on to previous versions of The Plan for reference.


Well! Are you ready?.....Lets go, we've made this part easy for you! 

Business Plan

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