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Individual Services

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$370.00 - $590.00

Entity Organization

 Entity Organization package includes as required: Articles of Incorporation/ Organization; Bylaws/Operating agreement; state registration; stock certificates; corporate seal.

 Entity organization types include: Limited liability companies, C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Non-profit, and Non-Profit w/ 501(c)3 status. 

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$200.00 & Up

Tax Preparation

   Our Tax Preparation service includes federal, state or local tax return filling. We analyze financial and tax related issues, formulate solutions and make recommendations designed to benefit individuals and businesses. 

*We are not licensed CPA's or a tax accounting firm. Our recommendations are based solely on published regulatory guidelines.

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$100.00/ set

Document Preparation

We will prepare most legal documentation on your behalf. Examples include:

  • Residential and commercial property deeds

  • Demand letters

  • Entity operation agreements

  • Contracts

  • Lease and management agreements

  • and More!

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$100.00 - $300.00/Wk

Social Media Management

The days of print advertising are gone and commercials are expensive. 93% of marketing today is Social Media. This means your customers, are online! You must research, design, post, and engage your target market. As a business owner, it's a bad use of your time.

I.AM.Inc already has tools in place to strategically target your customer and be consistent across all Social Media platforms.

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Business Plan

 You are just starting your business and need to create a successful strategy and secure FUNDING. Anyone looking to loan, invest, or grant funding to your business will require this plan.


We work with you to create your marketing plan, budget, profitable margins, and and organizational structure all based on your targeted markets resulting in a winning business strategy.

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Living Trust Creation

If you own an entity or real estate, a Living Trust is a must have! Not only does it offer a layer of asset protection, but it saves your loved ones from probate after your passing. Having a Will conveys your final wishes but I will not allow for your assets to be distributed without a costly and time consuming court process. Ask about your Living Trust planning today!

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$375.00 - $6,500.00

Full Website Design

Our advisors work with you to customize a website that reflects the brand and personality of your business. Our websites come with training on how to maintain and update the website in house and lifetime support.

*We offer financing for our website builds over $2,500.00. See terms here


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$99.00 Annually

Registered Agent

 You are required to have a physical location registered with the state in the state your business is located who can receive official correspondence.


I.AM. Inc will act as the designated agent to receive correspondence as it relates to governmental, legal and tax communication for your business.

This is ideal for businesses without a physical location.

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