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Formation and Organization

How you structure your company will determine how large it can grow and what options it will have in the future. You will have benefits and limitations with each type of formalized entity.


From taxation to being publicly traded, we will help you create the proper structure based on your goals.

Which Entity Type is Right

Most small business owners immediately start a Limited Liability Company, but based on your end goals, this may not be the right entity type for your company. We will take the time to explain each one and help you choose the best way to get started. If you have already started your company, but it doesn't line up with your overall vision and direction, we will help you change the entity type and structure. 

Taxation and Shelter

This is an extremely important consideration when starting your business. You'll need to avoid double taxation, sufficiently collect and pay wage tax, know how much sales tax to collect and pay in certain states, or maybe you need to set up tax shelter. Our advisors help you through all of this. While we are not CPA's or tax attorneys, we have these resources within our network at no cost to you. 


Most business require some sort of licensing on the federal, state, county or city level or any combination of these. Not being properly licensed to conduct your line of business WILL result in fines and possible revocation of all business activities. Our counselors have been there and received those fines. Our counselors also know how difficult it is for new business owners to be aware of all regulating bodies for their industry. That's where we come in. We take on the responsibility of properly licensing your business so you can avoid hefty penalties. 

Organization and Management

If your business has or intends to have more than one employee, you will need to organize. At first you may start out with friends and relatives who are skilled in certain areas, but are they the right fit for expansion? Its important to keep in mind your end goals when you are assigning old and new employees to positions. We help you evaluate their experience and their cost to maximize the benefit to the business. 

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