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Financial Structuring and Resources

 Ever heard the saying "It takes money to make money"? That is true in most cases but not all. What all businesses require to get started is an investment of resources. Time, money, and energy are all resources and we show you where to find and how to use those resources most efficiently.

 When it comes to the finances, within our team is a vast network of financial resources that we use to help you secure capital for your business. We will plan your start up and operational budget, or review your current budget, and expertly guide you through the funding process. We will give you insight on the types of funding available and recommend those that provide for the best outcome.

Business Loans

Taking out a business loan can be beneficial and it can have draw backs. Depending on the status of your business, we will guide you through loan options and application or recommend an alternate financing choice. Our network includes banks and lenders who provide financing for businesses in any stage of growth. 

Venture Capital

In some scenarios, a venture capital investor is the right option. Essentially this is a form of funding where the investor purchases either equity in the company or a percentage of the profits for a period of time. There are many scenarios where this is a favorable option for a business owner. Our advisors will explain how this may benefit your business at its stage and act on your behalf when its time to negotiate terms. 

Angel Investor

Ever heard of Shark Tank? These are Angel Investors. They are geared towards start-up and small businesses looking to finance initial and expansion costs. They will purchase equity in your business and in return they take a percentage of future profits, actually becoming a business partner. There is benefit to partnering with an Angel investor, not only do they provide the cash necessary to finance the next step of growth, but they also come with many years of experience in the business world. Our advisors will partner you with Angel investors who have a niche in your industry.


Grants are the golden goose in the finance world. Its free money! Its plentiful and its competitive. You will need not only a solid business plan, but also a technical writer who can apply for these grants on your behalf. I.AM.Inc employs a full time grant writing and research advisor. We will take you through the entire process: from finding all  applicable grants for your business type; to application submission and meeting the condition requirements; to the final audit review after funding has occurred. 

Crowd Funding

There are a few types of crowd funding that are becoming more and more popular. Despite their popularity, they have their cons and are not suitable for all types of businesses. This can be a great source of advertising as well as a platform to raise capital, but you'll want to measure the time tradeoff. We'll evaluate your business and recommend this as an option if it is beneficial. Then we'll set up and manage the crowd funding platform for you.

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