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Company Compliance

No matter what industry you are in, compliance is mandatory and you will have federal, state, and local regulatory rules to follow. We will help you avoid fines and penalties by submitting quarterly and annual reports, audit and inspection preparation and we continually make sure your company is meeting all requirements for your industry.

Industry Requirements

Is your business meeting all the requirements set by federal, state, and local regulatory entities? Are there regulations you are unaware of? We perform a checklist review of requirements based on your business type and industry. For certain industries, not adhering to compliance requirements results in large penalties and fines and can lead to revocation of all business activities. 

Company Policy and Procedure

All companies large or small have a way to conduct business. Consistency is key to an operational strategy and you have to be able to duplicate business practices. They best wat to accomplish this is to have written company policies and procedures. I.AM.Inc will take on the responsibility of completing company manuals to govern daily business activities. 

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