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   I.AM.Inc is a team of expert business advisors that bridge the operational gap for new entrepreneurs and small businesses. We take you from start to finish.

  • We help you formally organize, register and license your company.

  • We guide you in establishing the proper business model for your industry and goals.

  • We create your brand and marketing strategy including; mark and logo, website design, social media, and SEO visibility.

  • We teach you how effectively and efficiently to manage your employees for real teamwork and productivity.


Our goal with every client is the help you build the company you envision

and be a resource along the journey. 

   Our success lies in our teamwork. I.AM.Inc's advisors have over 143 combined years of executive and ownership level experience in finance, sales, marketing, merchandising, web design, food service, photography and film, real estate, engineering, grant writing, and management. We collaborate extremely well to bring our clients the very best information and experience while working with us. We love our respective industries, but have a passion for helping others turn their ideas into a business.


We help you build the plane and teach you how to fly it.

About Us

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